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Titanium VC 1, in conjunction with TCG Projects, is helping solve Africa’s energy crisis by providing cheap, plentiful and reliable energy through investments in ventures and projects to develop independent private power solutions.

No information in this website constitute or should be construed as an invitation to the public to subscribe for shares in Titanium VC 1 .

The purpose is merely informative.  Please note that no investment or other advice will be provided by Titanium VC 1 Directors or staff members.

Interested parties must at all times consult their own advisor, banker, broker, legal adviser, accountant or other appropriately qualified professional.

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Section 12 J

Section 12 J is subject to the provisions of the Income Tax Act No. 58 of 1962 (the Act). Section 12 J came into effect on the 1st of July 2009. It was
introduced specifically for the purpose of inviting investors to participate in the capitalisation of promising small and medium size qualified enterprises in the Republic of South Africa and to cater for the deduction on the monies spend in exchange for the issue of Venture Capital Company shares (“VCC”).

“In terms of Section 12 J, any South African tax resident that invests in a venture capital company (VCC), approved and registered in terms of Section 12 J”. The tax deduction is available to all taxpayers, including individuals and all legal entities (companies, trusts, etc.)

Taxpayers who invest in a VCC, through the acquisition of shares in the VCC, are entitled to a 100% tax deduction on monies invested, subject to the provisions of Section 12 J, thereby receiving a tax credit of up to 45% on their investment.

• Investors will acquire shares in a VCC
• The VCC will provide the investor with a certificate which will allow the investor to claim the full tax deduction, on expenditure incurred in acquiring the VCC shares. (The investment will need to be within the tax financial year end of the year in which the investor requires the tax deduction.)
• The VCC will, in turn, invest and acquire shares in qualifying companies.


FSCA Compliance:
All FSCA statutory requirements will be managed by the Key Individual.

Qualifying company’s performance:
The VCC, Titanium VC One Limited

The VCC:
The company will be managed by the Board of Directors.


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Meet the team

Gary Williams
Melinda Malan
Franswa Malan
Anthony Williams
Gary Williams

Gary Williams


Gary is the founder of Titanium VC 1 Ltd, a Venture Capital Company, and was appointed as Managing Director upon creation. He is also the founder of TCG Projects. In 1986 Gary matriculated from Pretoria Boys High School, having completed National Service in the South African Defence Force as an officer in 1 Parachute Battalion, he commenced his professional career. While serving article and studying part-time, he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and then Honour Degree by the time he completed article with Cassels De Kooker CA (SA). In 1993 he joined Vodacom as the Chief Accountant: Revenue and three years later joined the Management Consulting Practice of Deloitte & Touché. With an entrepreneurial inclination, Gary later started his own specialized Management Consulting Business. Accumulating more that 20 years business experience in local and international markets, across various industries ranging from small to fortune 500 companies. Gary has a proven track record demonstrating the ability to successfully manage and deliver complex business projects.

Gary resigned as Managing Director in June 2020, and was subsequently appointed as Chairman of the board. Gary will continue to be actively involved on a strategic level and in the roll out of projects.

Melinda Malan

Melinda Malan

Chief Executive Officer

Melinda was appointed as the Financial Director of Titanium VC 1 Ltd, a Venture Capital Company, in May 2015. Melinda was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in June 2020. She was also appointed the Chief Executive Officer of TCG Projects. Melinda is a Chartered Accountant of South Africa. She graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2006 and in 2007 she completed a Certificate in the Theory of Accounting. Melinda completed her articles at KPMG Inc. in December 2010. In 2011, Melinda joined Imbalie Beauty Limited in the AltX listing environment as Financial Director. She has over ten years’ experience in corporate finance.

Franswa Malan

Franswa Malan

Chief Financial Officer

Franswa was appointed as Chief Financial Officer of Titanium VC 1 (Pty) Ltd, a Venture Capital Company, in August 2020. He was also appointed as Chief Financial Officer of TCG Projects. Franswa is a Chartered Accountant of South Africa. Franswa completed his articles at KPMG Inc. in December 2010, after which he joined a consulting firm for a year. He then joined Life Healthcare in March 2012 and gained a lot of experience in various roles in the group, from corporate finance to operational exposure at hospital level. He then joined Specialised Hospital Management Group in February 2019, who actively managed the Pretoria Eye Institute and Club Surgical Centre, where he served as Group Financial Manager. 

Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams


Anthony is currently the Managing Director for Citius Energy in Cape Town, South Africa. Citius Energy, together with its technology and financial partners, designs, builds, owns and operates innovative plants capable of transforming low value and waste feedstocks into useable energy in the form of either electrical power or liquid fuels.
He brings vast experience to the board as he has previously served as biofuels manager at Green Cape, conducted investigations into the potential for biofuels production in the Western Cape, with a focus on waste streams as feedstock. He also provided guidance to the Western
Cape Government on the National Biofuels Regulatory Framework, and its implications for the province.
He has consulted to among others, the South African and Mozambican Governments and the World Bank on energy matters. From 1991 – 2005 (14 years) he served as Energy Analyst for the World Bank, responsible for Southern and Eastern Africa – South Africa, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Kenya.

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